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Personalized message Foil Star+6 Color Latex Helium


1 -18 Inches Foil Star Shape with personalized message

6 - 11 Inches Color Latex Helium Balloon

1 Water Balloon Weight 


Float time:

Latex balloon: Average 2 days* 

Foil Balloons: Average 4 days*

Float time may shorter or longer than the average floating time depend on temperature, direct sunlight, indoor uses or outdoor uses, size, materials etc. Helium Foil balloons  usually last longer than the latex balloons. All our latex balloons are treated with hi-float which will maximize the float time.

Confirmation of Pickup/Delivery: Once a customer's pickup or delivery of inflated balloons is confirmed or received, there will be no returns or exchanges.

Leaking or Popping: Rainbow Flower Celebrate shall not be held responsible for any instances of leaking or popping that may occur once the balloons have ben picked up or delivered. The customer assumes full responsibility for the balloons' condition after they left our possession.