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About Us

Ever since its establishment, Rainbow Flower Celebrate is dedicated to bringing in great services and loves to families and friends in the Greater Toronto Area. We love to see warm smiles on people and celebrate every important moment with them.

The customizable lawn greeting sign is a new business idea providing individuals with opportunities to celebrate special moments with the ones they love. Due to the high demand for such service in the market, we have decided to bring the business into the area. At Rainbow Flower Celebrate, we offer a wide selection of products and customizable signs, celebrating every occasion with you.  

All of our products are made to order, creating more customizable features for individuals to choose from. We also offer free delivery and installation services, helping you to save time and effort, and making the whole process more efficient.

We are currently looking for franchisees to join our great establishment. If you are a hard-working and motivated individual interested in running your own business, you should join Rainbow Flower Celebrate! We provide great products, consultations, training, and everything else you need to start growing your business, helping you to succeed. For more information and any questions you may have, please contact us via email at